Project Description

Gourmet Syrup

Our Gourmet flavored syrup made with passion and high quality ingredients, offers variants of flavors for perfect beverage solution with delicious taste. We deliver syrup accurately and precisely for a perfect mix of your soft drink to be enjoy by your customer.

Cocktail & Tea Syrup

To be creative in developing new variant of cocktail, mocktail and tea flavored beverages is our expert, our Team will be there to support and assist you to meet every needs of new beverage design experience.

Coffee Syrup

Our flavored syrup will give more variant beverage option for your customer in enjoying coffee drink in form of latte or frappe, it’s your choice to enjoy.

Frozen & Beverage Syrup

Frozen Beverages is one of the hottest categories for building profitability and customer satisfaction. We provide syrup for products such as Frappés, Slush Ice or Frozen Cocktails served in a half frozen beverages, nicely prepared in a respective slush machine.